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Being in an accident and experiencing an injury can radically alter your day-to-day life, from the time the injury occurs until after your full recovery - if you are able to recover. In some situations, recovery from the injury is not possible, and you may be entitled to long-term damages for lost earning potential, pain and suffering, punitive damages, or other sources of compensation.

Knowing what you are entitled to after being injured can be difficult, and an experienced California personal injury attorney who has worked on many similar cases will know what compensation you deserve and the way to collect it as quickly as possible so you can get on with your life.

If you suffered an injury in an accident and you believe someone else was at fault, discuss your rights with a Garden Grove personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

You Only Pay Us If We Win Your Case

The decision to reach out to a lawyer can sometimes feel intimidating, and we understand that. You might think that the insurance companies and at-fault parties will not be as generous with you if you hire a lawyer, and further, you think a lawyer might cost too much.

In terms of the insurance companies being more or less generous, it is important to know that insurance companies are for-profit companies, and they do not work for you. The goal of the insurance company is to provide you with the lowest possible settlement, as quickly as possible, so that both the time invested into the settlement and the payment itself are minimized.

An attorney on your side knows what you are entitled to and when an insurance offer is inadequate. Our lawyers work to negotiate a much better settlement for you than the insurance companies might offer you without legal representation. But because lawyers charge fees, is it worth it to hire one?

When it comes to our cost, you only pay us if we win your case, as we work on a contingency basis. Contingency means that we only get paid if we win for you, and our payment is a percentage of the compensation that we earn for you. This means that our compensation is linked to yours, and we will do our best to make your compensation the fullest possible.

We know what your injury entails in terms of present and future losses. Placing your trust in us allows us the chance to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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Seeking Full Personal Injury Damages

It is important to understand that the amount of your personal injury compensation stems from specific calculations, starting with the cost of medical care and treatment and the amount of lost earnings during your recovery. While these specific past losses are relatively straightforward, this is only the beginning of the damages that many injury victims deserve.

Serious injuries can result in future losses, including future medical costs or lost income, as well as intangible losses like pain and suffering. The amount you receive will depend upon the severity of your injury and also whether the situation that led to the injury is something that might bring rise to punitive damages.

Punitive damages are intended to punish the party for particularly egregious or intentionally wrong conduct that caused harm. For example, if a commercial driver was twice over the legal limit for intoxication and traveling 90 miles per hour down the highway, they might face punitive damages since they knew well how dangerous their actions were.

A personal injury attorney with experience handling similar cases knows what your injury is worth in terms of compensation and will negotiate on your behalf to make that happen as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your life.

Knowing what you are entitled to can be difficult to determine on your own. Without the right legal representation, you might accept a lower settlement than what you deserve, and you might risk not having your damages fully covered. With the assistance of an attorney on your side, you will know what to demand from the insurance companies and can trust that we will fight for full compensation.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Right Away After Your Accident

For the best chance of a successful claim, reaching out to an attorney as soon as possible is recommended. An attorney can begin investigating what happened and gathering evidence to support your claims of liability and losses. This also removes the stress of the situation from your day-to-day life, as your attorney steps into your shoes and takes over the negotiations for you, so that you can focus on your recovery.

Waiting until after you have received an initial settlement offer to reach out to an attorney will only delay the receipt of your fullest possible payment. In addition, should the insurance company refuse to cooperate and you need to take your case to civil court, you only have a limited amount of time to file that lawsuit. This means you want legal help as soon as possible.

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Our law firm has been around for a while, allowing us to win successful results for our satisfied clients. We treat clients like family and work to truly understand the full effects they feel from their injuries. We see firsthand how a serious injury can alter your life, and our goal is to make things right and put you in the best possible position following an injury.

Reach out to a local Garden Grove, California personal injury lawyer now to speak about options in your case. Case evaluations are always free, and we will answer any questions you have and advise you of your legal rights.

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