Huntington Beach Bike Accident Lawyer

Huntington Beach Bike Accident Attorney

In California and Nevada, many consumers opt to ride bicycles to and from work and school rather than contribute to pollution by driving an automobile. Conscientious consumers who are concerned with their carbon footprints may sacrifice comfort by riding a bicycle. You shouldn’t be punished for such an economical and environmentally sound decision. However, a bicycle accident can be one of the worst forms of “punishment” imaginable. If you have been struck by an automobile, injured in a bicycle collision, or injured on a bicycle because of faulty traffic signals, poor intersection visibility, or any other reason, you may be entitled to compensation.

Seeking Compensation for Injuries

A bicycle accident is especially dangerous for involved parties because cyclists are far less protected than the drivers of automobiles. There aren’t any airbags or seat belts on a bicycle. However, cyclists have just as much right to travel safely to their destination as drivers. There are many different things that can cause bicycle accidents, as well. While automobile accidents are typically limited to collisions, bicycle accidents are often caused without a collision with a vehicle. A driver who steers too close to a cyclist may prompt the bicycle rider to veer off the road and hit an obstruction. Cyclists who do not wear helmets or other protective gear may sustain life-threatening injuries or even die in a bicycle accident. If you’ve experienced a bicycle accident, you may be in need of a Huntington Beach personal injury attorney to handle your case.

Rehabilitation and medical expenses for bicycle injuries can be expensive. You may have decided to ride a bicycle to save money in the first place, and now you are saddled with expenses that you simply can’t afford. Allow us to seek compensation on your behalf. We care about our clients, and this compassion is evident in our success rates and client satisfaction.

Understanding the True Cause

A bicycle accident can be a tricky case to pursue. Often, the original event that was thought to cause the accident turns out to be only an effect of an underlying cause. Failing traffic signals, blind intersections, or the general lack of an appropriate bicycle lane may be the real cause of a bicycle accident. Our Law Offices have the professional attorneys that you need to evaluate the accident and determine cause and effect. While you may think that you should be approaching the driver of the vehicle that hit you, you may be entitled to greater compensation if the fault lies with the city or even the state in which the accident occurred. Don’t try to manage a bicycle accident case on your own; let us help you. We offer free consultation services. This means you can sit down with an experienced attorney, ask questions that are immediately answered, walk a professional through your accident, and know exactly what you can expect from court proceedings. We strive to offer every bit of information we can to our clients. We know that bicycle accidents are terrifying and dangerous, which is why we dedicate as much time and energy as possible to seeing these cases through and winning our clients the money they need and deserve.

And even if your collision didn’t happen in Huntington Beach, bike accident attorney Brent Caldwell can guide you through the process of becoming whole again. Contact our law offices today to set up your free consultation.

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