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Head injuries can be devastating to the human body and are often sustained in car accidents. In some cases, severe head injuries result in traumatic brain injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there are more than 1 million people each year who suffer from some type of traumatic brain injury.

If you have sustained a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident you didn't cause, then you should hire an Orange County personal injury lawyer to receive fair compensation.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury is a serious medical condition that can follow head trauma. It can be either a closed or open injury, and it may even result in death.

  • Closed Head Injury - Closed head injuries occur when the skull does not break, but pressure builds up on the brain due to bleeding, bruising, swelling, or even hematoma between the scalp and skull bones.
  • Open Head Injury - This happens when part of your skull penetrates into your cranium or when an object pierces your skull and damages your brain tissue.

Top Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Car Accidents

Traumatic brain injuries can result in significant problems, including cognitive disabilities, coordination issues, and emotional problems:

  • Cognitive Disabilities - Sufferers may have trouble paying attention, concentrating on tasks, communicating, reading, and more.
  • Physical Issues - These can include a lack of coordination and balance and can affect walking, talking, writing, and more. Physical problems can also lead to slurred speech or sensory issues.
  • Emotional Problems - These can include behavioral problems, lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, isolation, trouble showing proper emotion, and more.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, it may change your life in many ways. For example, you may be unable to work in your previous position, engage in activities that you once enjoyed, or even live independently.

There is no definitive timeline for recovering from a traumatic brain injury. It's difficult to predict how long recovery will take because every individual and their case of head trauma are different.

Victims can recover in a few months, years, or have lasting issues depending on the severity of the accident and other factors like the age when injured and symptoms after injury.

The Importance of Hiring an Orange County Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

An Orange County traumatic brain injury lawyer will work to get you fair compensation for any injuries sustained. In addition, an attorney can help clients find suitable medical care and provide significant support during the recovery process. A skilled attorney can also advise on how to deal with other life changes, such as obtaining disability benefits or applying for social security disability.

Most importantly, a lawyer knows what evidence is necessary so that victims have the best chance of obtaining any compensation they are owed under the law. In addition, when you work with an experienced attorney, he or she will evaluate your case and handle the insurance company on your behalf. Some of the specific things that a lawyer can do on your behalf include:

  • Identifying any potentially liable parties
  • Evaluating all of your present and future losses
  • Filing your claim and demand letter with the insurance company
  • Trying to negotiate a fair settlement offer with the insurance company
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf

Retaining a Lawyer will Maximize the Chances of Getting the Compensation You Deserve

If you are the victim of a car accident and suffer from any type of traumatic brain injury, there is a good chance that your life will change in many ways. The effects can include cognitive disabilities like trouble concentrating or paying attention to tasks, coordination issues such as walking or talking, emotional problems such as depression and anxiety, and more.

Fortunately, if your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, there’s a good chance you can recover compensation for your accident-related losses. These damages could include medical expenses, lost income, lost quality of life, pain and suffering, as well as others. Importantly, if you are going to have any long-term issues related to your injuries, any settlement or award you accept should include your future losses.

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