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Accidental injuries can alter the course of a victim’s life and leave financial, physical, and mental scars. However, do not expect insurance companies to be sympathetic about your injuries or the financial costs associated with your medical treatment. These companies seek to minimize payouts to injured claimants, and you do not want to risk getting less than you deserve. You should consult with an experienced Westminster personal injury lawyer if you suffered bodily injury during an accident in Southern California.

You should not wait to schedule a free consultation, during which we can discuss what happened and who might be liable. We can explain your options for financial recovery and begin fighting for your rights as soon as you hire our firm. Keep in mind that we never get paid unless you do, so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by seeking our help.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Various factual scenarios give rise to many different types of personal injury cases. Retaining a skilled personal injury attorney will help you understand how your case fits into the different categories of personal injury law. The following are some examples of personal injury cases that our firm takes on:

  • Wrongful death
  • Truck accident
  • Slip and fall
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Boat accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Bicycle accident
  • Automobile accident
  • Construction accident
  • Dog bite
  • Property owner liability

We represent clients who have suffered personal injuries in many ways, and our job is to stand up to insurance companies and demand that you receive the monetary compensation you need to help make you whole after your physical, emotional, and financial losses.

Gathering Evidence in Personal Injury Cases

In order to prove that someone else was liable for your accident and injuries, you need to provide sufficient evidence of negligence or other wrongdoing of the other party. There are many types of evidence you might provide, and our lawyers gather the necessary information to prove your case.

No two accidents are exactly alike. Police officers are often the first officials to arrive at the scene of an accident, and they write reports to memorialize information and facts that you may not be able to document due to your injuries. These facts may include the following:

  • Statements from drivers regarding what caused the accident
  • Insurance information from the adverse driver
  • Property damage photographs of both automobiles
  • All witness statements
  • Photographs of the accident scene

Police might also issue citations or arrest liable parties, and a conviction of violating the law can be used as evidence of liability in your case. Your lawyer will know how to obtain police reports and other records that you can use in your claim.

The Types Of Damages Recoverable In A Personal Injury Case

Injured victims can recover many different types of damages in personal injury cases. Accident victims can recover for pain and suffering, lost future earnings, lost wages, future medical expenses, and past medical expenses.

Medical expenses are calculated by examining medical records, medical bills, and the statements of physicians. Other experts may determine the amount of future medical treatment needed and how much it will likely cost.

Pain and suffering are categorized as general or non-economic damages. These general damages include emotional trauma as well as physical pain and suffering. Every case is different, and no two cases will produce the same amount of general damages. An experienced personal injury attorney can use tools to help others understand the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of your personal injuries.

Some injured victims may recover punitive damages in personal injury cases. Punitive damages are intended to punish a defendant for particularly egregious behavior that harms society as a whole. Your attorney must often prove that the defendant acted maliciously or fraudulently, and the amount of punitive damages will be higher or lower depending on the nature of the defendant’s acts. For example, punitive damages are sometimes awarded against extremely drunk drivers in car accident cases.

Insurance Coverage In Personal Injury Cases

If the defendant in your case is not a wealthy individual or a large corporation, then insurance coverage is key to your personal injury case. Collecting an amount greater than the policy limits of a particular insurance policy can be difficult for some individuals. Some drivers are underinsured or do not carry the required automobile insurance, so injured victims may have to resort to their own insurance policy.

During uninsured or underinsured motorist cases, an injured victim files a claim against his or her own insurance company, though this does not mean the process can be easy. Your own insurer can give you as much trouble as any other insurance company. An experienced Westminster personal injury lawyer can help you handle all insurance claims - whether they are against another party’s policy or your own.

Any individual who suffers injury and does not reach an appropriate insurance settlement may bring a personal injury lawsuit in civil court under California law. This is a complicated process, so you want an experienced injury litigator handling your case.

Even if your attorney files a lawsuit, it does not mean you will need to go to court. In fact, most cases never get to trial, as the attorneys are able to reach a favorable settlement agreement during the pretrial process. Whether you need to negotiate directly with an insurance company or as part of a lawsuit, you should have a skilled legal professional standing up for the recovery you deserve.

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