Kids with Special Needs May Require a Heightened Level of Supervision at School

For nine months out of the year, your children spend much of their time at school. It’s natural to be concerned about their safety and supervision while they’re there. In fact, school officials owe a duty of care to every student. Additionally, the law holds that students with special needs are owed an even greater level of supervision.

Supervision Standards

Schools must provide all students with general supervision, which relates to the supervision of groups of children by a specified number of supervising adults (such as at recess). Schools must also provide all students with specific supervision, which relates to the supervision of students who are engaged in activities that would be inherently dangerous without careful instruction (such as a woodworking project). For students with special needs, on the other hand, a school’s standard of care must extend to a more individualized focus on that child’s specific needs. The child’s known special needs, including behaviors and physical limitations, must be factored in when framing the level of necessary supervision for that child.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires that students with special needs who qualify for special education and related services be afforded Individualized Education Programs (IEP) that are tailored to their own needs. If the identified students also have behavioral issues that could interfere with their own or someone else’s education or that could harm them or someone else, those students must also receive a behavioral plan. Each student’s IEP, including the behavioral plan, will guide the professional standard of care that must be upheld for that individual student.

Heightened Level of Supervision

Once established, the heightened level of supervision for children with special needs must be maintained for their own and other students’ safety. Put simply, schools have a higher duty of supervision for students with special needs. If your child was harmed at school due to a lack of adequate supervision on the school’s part, first seek immediate medical attention for your child and then consult an experienced personal injury attorney with expertise in school negligence cases.

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