Need An Orange County Bike Accident Attorney? Watch This

The most common causes for bicycle accidents are vehicles that are inattentive, not paying attention, get too close to the bicyclist, clip the bicyclist. Other reasons for cycle accidents are roadway hazards, such as potholes, debris left in the roadway. If you’re injured while cycling and it’s due to the fault of somebody else, do your best to get that driver’s information, their license plate, their insurance. If they happen to flee the scene, report that immediately to the police, and if you have your own auto insurance, contact your own auto insurance carrier.

The most uninsured motorist policies that are part of your own auto insurance will cover a bicycle accident if the driver had left the scene or the driver that hit you does not have auto insurance. If the driver that caused the accident has auto insurance, it will be covered under their policy. Most cycling accidents happen on busy roadways. Oftentimes there’s not enough or even no bike lane for the bicyclists and drivers are just not paying enough attention. More bike accidents happen in southern California than northern California based on the statistics.

What do you do if you’re hit while cycling and injured?

First, try to get the driver’s information, their driver’s license, their license plate number and their auto insurance. If you’re able to, and you have a phone or a camera, take some pictures. If you’re injured, seek medical treatment right away. If the other driver or the person that caused the injury has fled the scene and you have auto insurance, report it to your auto insurance. You often will have coverage in your own insurance policy that will cover a bicycle accident.

Do I need a lawyer if I was injured in my bicycle accident?

The short answer is yes, the lawyer will help you recover your full damages. Those damages will be your medical bills, your lost wages, your pain and suffering, and any other damage. Maybe it’s getting your bike repaired, maybe it’s torn clothes. All of that are your damages in a bicycle case, and a competent attorney can help you recover those damages from the at fault party.

Is suing after the accident worthwhile?

Every case has its own facts and merits. If the injuries are so severe that you’re going to have a long time of recovery and a lot of medical expenses and a lot of lost earnings, then yes, it would be worthwhile to file a lawsuit. Every case has its own facts and its own merits. And speaking with an injury attorney would be the right course.

After a bicycle accident you should make an insurance claim as soon as possible, and those insurance claims will be to the at fault party’s insurance, as well as your own automobile insurance. It’s very important that you put the insurance company on notice of the accident and the injuries right away. The insurance company will then start collecting information about the accident, and then when the time is right and you’ve recovered from your injuries, we will seek to reach a settlement before your bicycle injury. If the settlement is not adequate, then we have the discussion of filing a lawsuit.

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