The Dangers of Rollover Crashes

The Dangers of Rollover Crashes

While all types of car accidents can be frightening, there are some collisions that have a higher risk of causing serious injuries or fatalities. One of the most dangerous types of crashes is a rollover crash, in which a vehicle tips over onto its side, roof, or even rolls several times. Vehicles can roll on level ground or down an embankment and, in either situation, occupants of the vehicle are at risk of suffering severe injuries.

Injury Risks of Rollovers

When a vehicle rolls over, there are unique impacts on the occupants. Even if occupants are restrained by seat belts, the rolling motion of the vehicle presents many opportunities for occupants to suffer trauma to various parts of their bodies, often resulting in multiple injuries to one person. This is especially true if someone is sitting on the side onto which the vehicle rolls.

Rollovers can also be violent events, and it is common for the glass to break out of the windows or windshield, which can cause serious lacerations. Rollovers can also cause vehicles to crumple, which can leave occupants trapped and can cause injuries from body parts being crushed by vehicle parts.

Most vehicles that are prone to rollovers should have roll cages or roll bars that reinforce the vehicle and prevent the roof from collapsing. However, not all vehicles have these safety features, and if a vehicle’s roof collapses during a rollover, it can put vehicle occupants in grave danger.

Some common injuries from rollovers include:

All of these need emergency attention, and the treatment and recovery process can be a lengthy one. Some rollover victims are left with permanent disabilities that impact the rest of their lives. Some people do not survive this type of crash.

How Rollovers Happen

Because rollovers can be so dangerous, it is important to recognize what causes these accidents, so you can best identify liability for your losses should a rollover injure you. The best way to determine liability for your specific crash is to have an experienced rollover accident attorney evaluate the situation.

Some common causes of rollovers include:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Hitting a curb and “tripping” the vehicle
  • Taking curves too fast
  • Hydroplaning and losing control of a vehicle
  • Getting cut off or run off the road by other drivers
  • Overcorrection or jerking the steering wheel

In addition, some vehicles are especially vulnerable to rollovers. These include vehicles with a high center of gravity and a narrow wheelbase, such as large passenger vans, buses, and commercial trucks. SUVs and Jeeps are also known to roll over more easily than other vehicles. It is important to remember that any type of vehicle – even small sedans – have the potential to roll over under the right circumstances.

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a rollover crash, you need legal help you can trust. Contact the right car accident attorney in California who can assess your rights to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim.