The Tricks Car Insurance Companies Use to Minimize Payouts

If another driver causes your car accident and the driver has auto insurance, you may assume that you simply need to file a claim with that insurer and receive a check for your property damage, medical bills, and other losses. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, as insurance companies can make it difficult to receive even close to the payment you deserve. The reality is that insurance companies are businesses that want to reduce their costs and increase profits, which they try to do by minimizing payouts to claimants.

How do Insurers Limit Payouts?

If you file a claim stating your damages, shouldn’t the insurance company have to cover that amount? Not always. There are several tricks and tactics that almost every insurance company and their adjusters use to limit or even deny settlements whenever possible. The following are only some examples of such tricks.

Getting you to make a recorded statement. Answering recorded questions by an adjuster may seem harmless – after all, you’ve done nothing wrong. Keep in mind that the adjuster is not asking innocent questions, but trying to get you to say anything that can help them limit your claim. If they ask how you’re feeling and you answer that you “feel fine,” they can use that to challenge the severity and effects of your injuries. Many people say they are “fine” just to be polite, but in this instance, it can hurt your claim. This is only one example of how they can get you to say things that allow them to challenge liability or the extent of your losses.

Convincing you that you don’t need a lawyer. An insurance adjuster will promise they are on your side and tell you that there is no need to call a lawyer since they are there to help. The truth is that they are not on your side, as they work for the insurance company and not you, and they will try to take advantage of unrepresented parties. It is always best to have someone working on your behalf, so always discuss an insurance claim with an attorney right away.

Pushing you to accept the first settlement offer. With medical bills and other expenses piling up, chances are you want to receive a check as soon as possible. Sometimes, an adjuster will promise quick payment if you promise to accept the first offer. Other time, an insurer may delay the process so long that you are willing to accept any offer just to resolve the matter. The first settlement offer is usually grossly inadequate to cover your losses, and once you accept it, you cannot later request additional funds. Always have an attorney review any settlement offers before you accept anything.

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