What Damages Can You Claim In An E-bike Accident

What Damages Can You Claim In An E-bike Accident

In recent years more people are utilizing e-bikes as a form of transportation, with the e-bike market expected to increase in coming years. Yet, were you aware that injuries resulting from e-bike use have steadily risen? It is believed that injuries involving these products accounted for 34,000 hospital visits in 2017 and 57,000 visits in 2020. It’s evident that e-bike use is causing minor and major injuries.

If you have found yourself a victim in an e-bike accident that has caused injuries, you’re likely contemplating if you’re entitled to damages. In many e-bike accidents, damages can be sought with the assistance of an OC e-bike accident lawyer who understands the evolving laws surrounding these types of accidents.

How Does California Law Classify Electric Bikes?

Before we look at what damages you can seek in an e-bike accident, it’s important to first examine how California law classifies electric bikes. Knowing these classifications can help you determine if you potentially have an e-bike case.

Below we have spoken about the three types of legally recognized e-bikes according to Assembly Bill 1096.

  • Low-speed pedal-assisted electric bicycles: These bicycles only function when the rider pedals. These bicycles are defined as ‘class 1 electric bicycles.’ These stop providing a rider with motor assistance after the bike reaches a speed of 20 miles per hour.
  • Low-speed throttle assisted electric bicycles: These electric bicycles are known as ‘class 2 electric bikes,’ and they are equipped with a motor that operates independently from a rider’s pedaling momentum. Like class one e-bikes, these bikes cease functioning after the bike reaches 20 miles per hour.
  • Low-speed pedal-assisted motorized electric bicycles: These e-bikes have a motor that is only activated once a rider is pedaling. Additionally, the motor on these ‘class 3 electric bicycles’ stops after a speed of about 28 miles per hour is reached. Interestingly, by law, class three electric bikes must be equipped with a speedometer.

Interestingly, e-bike operators need to be at least 16 years old. However, riders don’t require a driver’s license in California, nor do they need a license plate or insurance to operate an e-bike. This makes the laws surrounding e-bike accidents complicated and tricky to navigate. That’s why you need to consider hiring an attorney.

What Are The Damages You Can Claim After Being Involved In An E-bike Accident?

Since recent studies have established that e-bike accidents often cause injuries, including spinal fractures, facial injuries, neck injuries, and lower extremity fractures, many victims are entitled to financial compensation. Below, we briefly discussed the damages you could claim in an E-bike accident.

  • The various costs associated with replacing or repairing an e-bike or other property damaged in the accident.
  • Lost income and productivity that occurred because of your inability to work while you were injured.
  • Funeral expenses, loss of financial support, and other expenses associated with the loss of a loved one in an e-bike accident.
  • Monetary compensation for decreased earning power that has occurred because of long-term injury.
  • All medical expenses resulting from an e-bike accident, including hospital bills, ambulance fees, and doctor’s visits.
  • Pain and suffering when it has occurred because of the accident itself or the effects of your injuries.

These are a sampling of the damages you could receive if you were involved in a California e-bike accident. Since each e-bike accident is unique, you could be entitled to these damages or others that are unique to your case.

Who Can Be Sued For An E-bike Accident?

If you hope to claim compensation after an e-bike accident, you must know which negligent or malicious parties you can sue. Look below at a few of the potentially liable parties in your personal injury e-bike accident case.

  • Other e-bike riders.
  • Car drivers.
  • Truck drivers.

Additionally, if you were involved in an e-bike accident because of a bike malfunction, you could sue the bike manufacturer in a product liability lawsuit.

Get In Contact With A California Electric Bike Attorney Today

Electric bike accidents are more common than you might believe. If you have suffered injuries from an e-bike accident, you might want to consider filing a lawsuit with the assistance of a California Lawyer.

A qualified lawyer with experience in this area of law will be able to help you obtain monetary damages for your injuries. Speak with one at your earliest convenience before it’s too late.