Bike Accidents: Collisions with Cars at Intersections

Bike Accidents: Collisions with Cars at Intersections

Even though bike accidents make up the minority of accidents on the road, they can account for some of the most severe injuries. In addition, a surprising number of them also occur at intersections. If you have had a collision with a car at an intersection or are curious about what would happen if you did, the following information may prove helpful.

Preventing Bicycle Accidents at Intersections

You may never be able to prevent every single bicycle accident from happening at an intersection. This is especially true when you learn that over 76% of all bike accidents involve an intersection. However, you can do a few things to prevent an accident or at least put yourself in the most desirable position if one were to happen.

Improve Your Visibility

Wear bright-colored clothing and helmets, and reflective vests. You can also install front and rear lights and reflective strips on your bike. If you were to get into an accident, the vehicle operator could not claim with confidence that you were not clearly visible.

Make Sure You Have the Right of Way

Both cyclists and road users have a duty of care to each other. To prevent an accident or strengthen your claim post-accident, make sure you have the right of way. This can involve you being aware of all the road rules and following them to the letter.

Avoid Busy Intersections and Accident Hot Spots

While you should not have to avoid certain parts of your city to prevent involvement in an accident, it can sometimes be necessary. Some cities are not bike-friendly, which means bike lanes and bike-safe roads are not available to keep you safe.

Why Cycle Accidents Happen At Intersections

Even though several things can cause a bike accident with car drivers, there has to be a reason why intersections see more than their fair share of accidents. Often, a vehicle operator has acted negligently. They may have been distracted by a cellphone, their surroundings, or a passenger in the vehicle. They may also claim that you were not visible or were going too fast through an intersection.

What to Do When You Are Involved in a Bike vs. Car Collision

The first thing to do at an accident scene is contact emergency services. Not only can they provide medical assistance, but police officers can gather evidence and file a police report. Once you have this police report, you can present it to a bike accident attorney who can outline your next best steps. You may have enough supporting evidence to file a bike accident claim that sees you compensated for your medical costs, bike damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

Determining Fault

Sometimes, a judge or jury can determine that both a cyclist and driver are at fault for a collision. When that happens, they can assign the costs to both parties. This means that both insurance companies have to pay a certain percentage of the costs each. It can be worth talking to a bike accident lawyer to establish how this process works.

Collisions with cars at intersections can change your entire way of life. If you have found yourself in such an accident, it may be worth your time tore with a reputable Orange County bike accident attorney. They can walk you through the bike accident lawsuit process to put your mind at ease.