Concussions & Brain Injury Facts

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Crash Type & Driver Behavior – Infographic

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Pool Safety Prevents Accidental Drowning

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. A day at the pool turns tragic, resulting in a young child’s death. According to the Daily Pilot, a three year old girl drowned in an Irvine community pool under the watchful eye of a caregiver.

Amusement Park Premises Liability Issues

There’s nothing amusing about the types of accidents that occur at amusement parks. As the quest for the latest, greatest, tallest, and fastest adrenaline-pumping experience produces rides that look like something out of a sci-fi movie….

Bicycles and Brain Injuries

The British Medical Journal published a study showing a decrease in hospitalization of young people for bicycle-related head injuries in areas that had laws requiring helmets. In London, …..

Medical Malpractice In Orange County

“First, Do No Harm.” Most of us are familiar with those famous words. We know that one of the medical profession’s sacred duties is to not make patients worse. Unfortunately, that’s…..