Does Uber Compensate for Accidents?

Does Uber Compensate for Accidents?

Uber is one of several ridesharing companies that is especially popular in big cities among tourists and locals alike. People rely upon ridesharing companies to get them where they need to be quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. However, with more ridesharing vehicles on the road comes the possibility of an increased number of traffic accidents involving these vehicles. In some instances, accidents happen because an Uber driver behaves in a negligent manner, while at other times, another motor vehicle operator causes the accident with the Uber vehicle.

If you have suffered injuries in an Uber accident, the at-fault driver’s personal motor vehicle insurance coverage may come into play. At other times, Uber corporate coverage may compensate you for the injuries which you suffered in the accident. An experienced OC rideshare accident attorney can review the circumstances of your accident with you and help you pursue the compensation that you need from the appropriate insurance company.

Causes of Uber Accidents

Uber accidents happen in much the same way as other motor vehicle collisions occur. One of the most common causes of these accidents is negligent driving. This typically involves violating a rule of the road or engaging in distracted driving. At other times, these accidents happen when the motor vehicle operator is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The force of an impact usually causes an accident victim’s body to move around and about the interior of the vehicle. Moreover, the force of the impact may cause the accident victim’s body to strike something in the vehicle, like the headrest, steering wheel, door frame, or window, leading to a significant injury. Common injuries in these types of accidents include traumatic head injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, abrasions, and internal injuries.

If you have suffered one or more of these injuries in an Uber accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, you might be entitled to recover monetary compensation. A California Uber accident attorney can begin gathering the necessary documents to file a personal injury claim on your behalf.

Uber Corporate Coverage 

Sometimes in Uber accidents, it can be difficult to determine which insurance policy or policies might provide coverage for the accident victim’s injuries. When it comes to Uber ridesharing, a prospective rider makes a request via an app to which the Uber driver responds. The driver then arrives at the specified location, picks up the fare, and takes him or her to a final destination.

If an accident occurs when the app is off, and no one is in the Uber vehicle, then the at-fault driver’s motor vehicle insurance coverage will come into play. However, if the driver has accepted a fare but has not yet picked up the fare, then the Uber corporate policy of $50,000 per individual, $100,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage will apply.

Once the driver has picked up his or her fare, the law requires Uber’s corporate policy of $1 million per individual and $1 million per accident to become effective. In addition, Uber will provide uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

If you have suffered injuries while riding in an Uber vehicle, an experienced rideshare attorney can help you determine which coverage applies and work to get you the compensation that you need.