How Long Do Slip and Fall Settlements Take: 5 Contributing Factors

How Long Do Slip and Fall Settlements Take: 5 Contributing Factors

After suffering from a slip and fall accident that results in medical bills, time off work, and pain and suffering, you may be considering consulting a slip and fall lawyer for advice.

You likely want to hold those responsible for your injuries to account, but you may also be wondering, how long do slip and fall settlements take?

Consulting an experienced attorney can be the first step to determining the strength of your case, but you may be surprised at how many factors determine how long it will take to reach a settlement.

The Complexity Of Your Case

Some slip and fall cases are straightforward. A store worker may not have put out a caution sign when cleaning the floor, and you suffered injuries resulting from a fall. However, not all cases are as straightforward as that.

If the defendant disputes the facts and you require reports, discovery hearings, and accident reconstruction experts, it can sometimes be over a year before you reach a settlement.

The Damages Amount

Most slip and fall lawyers are adept at putting a monetary figure on your slip and fall. They calculate it based on factors such as your medical costs, time off work, and pain and suffering.

However, in some cases, the higher the damages amount, the longer your case may take to conclude. This is often due to an insurance company’s reluctance to pay out until a trial date is scheduled.

Injury Severity

Research shows that shoulders and backs are the most commonly injured parts of the body in a slip and fall incident, followed by knees, feet, and toes. Surprisingly, how severe your injuries are and how long it takes to heal can be a factor in your slip and fall case’s length.

This is often because time is needed to determine your long-term prognosis, which can decide your settlement figure. For example, a back injury that results in paralysis could be temporary or permanent.

Your Determination to Settle

A competent slip and fall attorney aims to provide the best outcome for their clients. This can involve striking a balance between a satisfactory settlement amount and a manageable timeframe.

Choosing to settle too early may see you receive a far lower settlement amount than may have been possible. Check with your lawyer to find out what they recommend for your unique needs.

Your Legal Team

Many people attempt to tackle the legal system independently, without the help of an experienced legal team. While you may believe doing so can save you money, it may impact how long it takes for your case to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

The best legal team can efficiently work through your case’s intricacies to put you in the best possible position to receive a settlement in a manageable timeframe.

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, it is not always easy to know what to do next. Fortunately, with a competent slip and fall attorney on your side, they can guide the way. Request a free consultation today to gain insight into how long it might take for your case to reach a satisfactory conclusion.