Slip and Fall Injury Settlement Amounts: What Determines a Payout?

Slip and Fall Injury Settlement Amounts: What Determines a Payout?

No lawyer can tell you the precise slip and fall injury settlement amounts for each and every case with 100% accuracy. However, they can calculate a compensation figure reflective of your case’s severity and several other factors. If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident due to a property owner’s negligence, a qualified Orange County slip and fall lawyer can determine an appropriate settlement amount.

Willingness to Negotiate

In many cases, plaintiffs and defendants want to avoid a trial if they can. In that situation, the requested compensation amount can be based on speculation of the likely outcome of a trial. Both parties may get a slightly different result than what they anticipated, but the goal can be to meet in the middle and negotiate a fair sum rather than go to trial. If an agreement cannot be reached, a trial date can be set, and the compensation sum is in the hands of a judge or jury.

Present and Future Medical Bills

Some of the most common slip and fall injuries include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and torn ligaments and muscles. Treatment for such injuries in the United States can cost thousands of dollars. Given that the accident was not your fault, it makes sense for the liable party to cover those costs. As a result, these often form part of the settlement amount your chosen slip and fall lawyer calculates.

Lost Wages and Earning Capacity

Injuries and resultant pain from those injuries can see any accident victim having to take time off work. As there are no federal legal requirements for sick leave, this can come at a high cost to families who rely on a stable monthly income.

If your injury was so severe that it stopped you from being able to perform the job you did before you were injured, your lawyer might also calculate lost earning capacity into your settlement amount. If proven, the property owner may have to pay for you to train in another field or pay a lump sum for your unfortunate reduced earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering

Even though pain and suffering is not the most straightforward calculation to make, experienced lawyers can look back on past similar cases to determine the most appropriate figure. The more severe your injuries and the larger their impact on your life, the higher your pain and suffering figure may be.

Typically, lawyers will calculate your special damages and use a ‘pain and suffering multiplier’ to work out the figure. Often, this is a multiplied number between 1.5 and five. For example, a broken hand from a slippery tiled entrance that heals in six weeks would have a lower multiplier than a broken back that alters your entire way of life.

When you sustain injuries in a slip and fall accident, you may not feel like going to a lawyer is a worthwhile option. However, as the costs stack up, you may soon realize the importance of having the liable party cover your bills. Request a free consultation to find out more about slip and fall injury settlement amounts and what you may be eligible for.