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In California, there are about 12,000 injury accidents a year involving motorcycles. The most common cause for a motorcycle accident is when they’re going straight, and a vehicle turns left in front of them. This is very hard for the motorcyclist to avoid that accident. Oftentimes they must lay the bike down or crash into the turning vehicle. Common injuries from those types of accidents are lower leg injuries, spine injuries, brain injuries, and road rash.

Common Injuries

The three most common types of injury accidents in motorcycle crashes are a motorcyclist going straight, and a driver making a left hand turn in front of the motorcyclist, and the motorcyclist being unable to avoid the crash. Lane splitting accident, where a motorcyclist is sharing in the lane with a driver. And when a driver in a vehicle switches lanes without looking for the motorcyclist. Those crashes are quite common for motorcyclists and make up a vast majority of the crash cases.

According to the CDC, the most common injuries in a motorcycle accident are lower leg injuries, road rash, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and rib injuries. Although many of these injuries cannot be prevented by wearing a helmet, wearing a helmet prevents these injuries from becoming death injuries.

In motorcycle accidents, with all other injury accidents, we look at the case as a whole. We look at the client’s injuries, whether they’ve been able to return to work, and when negotiating a settlement, we encompass all the client’s damages. And if we can settle the case without filing a lawsuit, we do that. If we can’t, because the offer isn’t adequate, we’ll file a lawsuit and will litigate the case up until trial and go to trial if necessary.

Is it worthwhile to sue in a motorcycle accident?

That is multifaceted. One of the main issues in that is whether the insurance company is offering adequate compensation. If we believe that the case value is more than what they’re offering, then it’s worth filing a lawsuit and going through the litigation process.

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