What Do You Do if You Are Injured Due to a Slip/Trip/Fall at a Restaurant?

What Do You Do if You Are Injured Due to a Slip/Trip/Fall at a Restaurant?

Most of us enjoy a fun night out, and we love to spend time with our family and friends and share a meal at a restaurant. However, although we are enjoying ourselves, there is a risk that we could slip and fall and suffer injuries. After a slip and fall accident, there are some steps that accident victims should take to protect their rights. To learn what to do after being involved in a slip and fall accident, consult a qualified Orange County slip and fall attorney.

Speak to a Manager

If you have been hurt in a restaurant, ensure that before you leave the restaurant, you file an incident report. You can file an incident report with the restaurant’s management. Make sure that you keep a copy of the report for yourself. The incident report will be an important part of your case moving forward.

Seek Medical Attention

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible. You may have heard that the best personal injury case is a case where you can prove damages. Having a complete medical record will help you show that you were harmed, and it will show the extent of your injuries. Along with your medical records, you will want to have your medical bills available.

Avoid Talking to Insurance Companies

After you are involved in an accident, the opposing party’s insurance company will want to speak with you. It is common for opposing insurance companies to reach out to victims and ask them for statements. Do not take the bait. Whatever statement that you make will be used against you as the litigation goes forward. You should speak to an attorney immediately after being hurt in a slip and fall accident. An attorney can help you avoid the pitfalls that many unrepresented accident victims do not avoid.

In addition to not giving a statement to an insurance company without the advice of an attorney, do not sign anything or agree to any settlement amount before speaking to an attorney. Once you accept a settlement offer, that is the final. There is no going back on your agreement. Insurance companies are notorious for lowballing accident claimants, and without the advice of counsel, you may be leaving money on the table to which you are entitled.

Contact an Accident Attorney

Using a slip and fall attorney can help your case immensely. Using an attorney can ensure that your rights are protected during the entire process of negotiation, trial, and settlement. Experienced accident attorneys know the procedural rules that must be followed to protect your right to bring a lawsuit.

For example, the statute of limitations is a rule that gives a deadline for an accident victim to file a lawsuit if they are injured. Each state has its own rules for statutes of limitations, and different case types have their own deadline to file a lawsuit. An attorney knows these rules and all the other various procedural rules that have the potential to alter the outcome of your case.