How to Determine the Value of a Personal Injury Settlement?

How to Determine the Value of a Personal Injury Settlement?

There is no way to predict how much money a judge or jury will offer in a personal injury settlement. You should always seek a consultation with an Orange County personal injury lawyer for this information, as they can assess your specific circumstances.

A good personal injury suit, meaning a case that has the highest potential monetary value, is a case where damages can be proven. It is important to do certain things after you sustain an injury to determine the value of your personal injury claim and ensure that the value of your case is protected.

Gathering Evidence

A case cannot be made without evidence. Whether you must prove your damages to an insurance adjuster or a court, you will need proof. If you can, take pictures and video at the scene of the accident. For example, if you are in a car accident, take pictures of your injuries and damage to your car. Get pictures of the other driver’s car and, if they have any, their injuries. In addition to pictures and videos, try to get the other driver’s passengers’ account of how the accident happened. These statements can be useful in future litigation.

Seeking Medical Care

In addition to the evidence collected at the scene, make sure that you seek medical treatment for your injuries if you need it. You will have to show that you were harmed to win a personal injury case. Your medical records will clearly show how you were physically harmed in an accident. Your medical bills will show how much money it costs to treat the injuries that the accident caused.

Keep Records

Keep a record of the days of work you missed because of the accident. Many accident victims cannot work after an accident. Sometimes, that means they must miss some time from work to treat the injury, and other times, accident victims can no longer work at the same job that they had before. In any event, make sure that you have a record of your missed work. Count the number of hours that you missed and calculate how much money you lost because of the accident. This number can be added to your damages and increase the value of your personal injury lawsuit.

Keep a journal of how you are feeling after the accident. Many accident victims discount the mental wear and tear that getting hurt in an accident can cause. Write down how you are feeling. Document any episodes of anxiety. If you think that you need the help, seek the help of a therapist. All kinds of damages are valid and should be compensated.

Proving Your Claim with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Most importantly, being able to prove each element of negligence determines the value of your personal injury lawsuit. There are four elements of negligence: duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages. As discussed above, damages are usually proved by hard evidence. The other elements of negligence can be more difficult to prove without the help of an attorney. If you have been involved in an accident, call an attorney. An experienced accident attorney can help you understand your rights and maximize the compensation that you are awarded.

Overall, the value of a personal injury settlement can be increased by documenting evidence and choosing the right attorney to help you protect your rights.